In February of 2014, Dart rescued a 2 month old boy Jersey cow from a destiny of Veal to one of Freedom and Peace. We picked up Billy from Vermont and drove him to the Live and Let Live Rescue Sanctuary in Chichester, NH. He remained there for almost a year before moving to another local NH sanctuary where he now resides with some goat friends and big brother cow named Jake. Billy’s name has changed with each place, becoming Jersey at Live and Let Live and now he is known as Joey. Go say hi and feed him delicious foods. He loves people. Think twice before eating beef, Cows are beautiful beings. 
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Live and Let Live Rescue Sanctuary

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Fish Seas
A Drawing of two fish that had layed dormant for a little too long before getting revived and fully brought back to Life. An Awesome collaboration perfect for any home by a Sea or on Land... so anywhere and Everywhere :)
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tHE eARTh mandala
Our NEWest mandala collaboration. A 30 inch dedication to eARTh and ALL the wonders found upon it. Nothing motivates us to create ART more than the beauty and miracles of Nature and the complexity of Life on this planet. 
Completed right before our Cross Country Adventure to spread OUR ART everywhere and experience this beautiful Land. Enjoy :) 
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