tHE eARTh mandala
by:  diNo and dART  (
tHE eARTh mandala is a 30 inch collaboration of diNo and dART 
and it is dedicated to Our Favorite Planet in ALL the UNiVERSE... eARTh. Whenever we are asked what Our inspiration for Our Art is, the eARTh is our answer. We continue to learn more and more of the wonderful mysteries surrounding us, as we unravel new terrain throughout the world. We want nothing more than to travel the world spreading and creating Art, while experiencing and seeing as many perfections of Nature as possible. The Animals we meet, we treat as Family, no matter how dangerous or minuscule they may be. It pains us greatly to see so many humans abusing the miracles of Life and completely disrespecting the sanctity of OUR HOME. It’s even more saddening to think that way too many people in power are the ones orchestrating this chemical and physical destruction of OUR PLANET. We ALL must do OUR part in protecting Mother eARTh to the best of OUR abilities. We truly believe that the power of GOOD is gifted to ALL of us, and we are ALL more than capable of recognizing this and acting upon it for the BENEFIT of ALL Beings that we SHARE this eARTh with. 
We completed this drawing just in time to be able to bring it with us as we cross the country this summer of 2016 in Order to Spread ART with ALL. We cannot wait to see more and more of this beautiful land. :)