This is one of the hardest paintings for me to start. The story of Red Box the cow is a heartbreaking one. After seeing an article about a school raising a sweet and friendly steer who ultimately was intended for slaughter I became determined to save him. Together with an online campaign that I started that raised almost $2000 to save his life, along with the help of Jay from Gentle BArn who offered so much in exchange for saving Red Box the students were given the choice to save him. After knowing how much the students said they loved Red Box I could not imagine them letting him die but they did. I was devastated and for a bit I lost faith in people and even the universe. I healed by painting this for Red Box who I will now call, Star Dancer. He is not alone. His company are animals who have sad stories like him but others are beloved pets who have gone to heaven. Animals have souls just like us. They have memories and emotions and if you open your heart to them you will receive the purest love you could imagine.