Heavens Angels


I first drew this idea when I was seven years old. My teacher asked us to draw God and I remember drawing praying hands coming out of a flower. Years later I heard a song called, “The Garden”, which was about finding God within nature and it reminded me of this old drawing. I never found the one I made when I was little so I wanted to draw it again. I added animals from the Bible that played a role in helping God’s mission or helped Jesus. This isn’t just for those who believe in God or Jesus but for anyone who believes that praying connects you to LOVe and LOVE is the greatest force there is. I have angels flying around this source in honor of the power of Love. A garden of flowers/nature connects us to God, the force of LOVE. At the bottom I wrote, “Peace be With You”, one of my favorite parts of a church service. This painting is my way to honor God, LOve and the quiet animals who if treated gently and kindly will give back Love and Peace. I pray people will find this painting and remember that we are not alone, angels are watching us and LOVE is all we need.