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This painting was made in honor of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Texas. Mom, Rowdy Girl, was the inspiration for Renee to help change her husband’s 4th generation cattle ranch into a sanctuary. Here, Rowdy girl stands with her baby Houdini under shooting stars, a loving cardinal couple, a beautiful full moon and spiral galaxy. I painted “Love” into the stars and “Saves” into the grass to remind all how important it is to let love and compassion be the driving force behind all we do. Love can save the animals, the world and ourselves. Houdini and Rowdy Girl are proof this is true!

This watercolor painting is of Dylan the cow at Woodstock Sanctuary. I have never met Dylan before but I saw his picture and admired how lovely he looked! His tail elegantly twirling and his face turning to the camera so peacefully, so happily. While painting Dylan, I was inspired to create a world where the sky is swirling, the grass is green and bright, the moon is shining on our innocent and proud friend, Dylan. Two cardinals are lovingly flying to meet each other leaving a trail of rainbow light. While painting this, I realized my purpose was to use my art to save animals. It is hard to describe the feeling I had in my heart when I realized this. I can only say my heart feels like the moon here and I will forever work to spread the Vegan message and illuminate the truth.

This painting I made while thinking of the spirit of the cow. I wondered how they must feel about Earth, a place where billions of their brother, sisters, moms and dads have suffered and died. The cow with wings represents hope that things will change here for them, the large face to the left is the innocent soul of them all and the face in the yellow represents the cows who are upset with humans....but of course are willing to forgive if we start making changes fast!! The red around the Earth represents not only the suffering of animals but of Earth’s suffering. The Earth is being polluted by animal agriculture and the government is ignoring this issue because the meat industry/animal agriculture make them MONEY! We can change this though! If no one supports these horrible industries they will be gone-and the Earth, animals and humans will HEAL!

The Vegan Mandala, Created to Help Save the Animals and the Bodies and Health of ALL humans who continue to consume products made of Animal Lives.... TERRIBLE companies profit from this industry of Death. and suffering.. which cancer and other diseases THRIVE on... Take your health back and Eat Vegetables ALWAYS... Save the eARTh :)

Our First Artwork to be completed on Our Invented Standing Spinning Easel... It began at the Luna Light Festival, went through another fest and became officially completed on Valentines Day 2015. So much to See... Divination games and methods for spinning FUN. Pure imagination and Beauty of All things graced by the presence of the MOON. Hundreds of Animals all with special stories. Looks Amazing when spinning :)

What began at our first festival Art tent 2013, completed itself as 2014 began. Various animals of pure majestic splendor that are being threatened on Earth, are existing here in Peace, raising their young. Living in a world where they can live out the freedoms that they too deserve. To be happy, to Love and be Loved. And to be at PEACE. :)

Another imaginative collaborative explosion from Dart and DiNo best viewed from any and all possible angles. Creatures and animals of various universes going about their daily lives, happy to be alive and with one another in a sustainably beautiful realm.

An interesting collaboration in which Dart created the amazingly glowing jellyfish and then DiNo came in and brought out the background worlds of watercolor, with ink. This formula allows us to honor a particular animal and surround it with a little bit of happy magic. More of this type of drawing on the way. :)

The first EVER collaboration of DiNo and Dart... An imaginative explosion of beauty emanating from the Tree. Watercolor work and various other techniques used by Dart (me). A freeform glimpse of a world of wonder where all the lifeforms are happy and living together peacefully. :)


Watching You as you Observe her. The Magic of the nocturnal experiences of an Owl at night exploring its world with the Moon Light.

Dart Bird

Elegant and Loving birds share an Imaginative Landscape beyond Our World... :)

Lady eARTh

A reflected Lady of elegance and magic has hair that may be the fabric of the UNiVERSE!

Save the Horses Stop the BLM...for more info see: 
Wild Horses are under attack please help!http://savethewildhorses.simdif.comshapeimage_10_link_0

Star Dancer and Friends

Please click on the painting to get full story.


Please click on picture to read full story....this one is long! I will explain the tarot cards now. During the Blue Hill deer hunt (first one in over 100 years), I was arrested because I had permission to hike the trail by the DCR and hunter saw me and called the environmental police. The police arrested me and Dino too.  I drew five tarot cards following the hunt and arrest . First the nine of swords (worry, anguish), next four of swords (rest , quiet preparation), the Empress (Earth Mother, nurturer, represents creation,Garden of Eden), the World (the ending to a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle, the sacred center) and last the Ace of Wands( (creative force, courage).  This painting is based on a real deer I met in the woods of Blue HIlls.


An Old Drawing that I revisited and completed many years later for the Levitate Fest. Very symbolic of my Journey through life as an artist.

The Love Mandala

Years ago I met my partner of life twice by chance. Little did I know this man was my art warrior partner of love. We have been through so much together, we have been there to support each other, encourage each other and sometimes annoy each other ;) but at the end of the day the love we have is stronger than we could have ever imagined and grows stronger everyday. Together we work to make a beautiful more peaceful world and in the love mandala we celebrate how special it is to truly be in love. SO much symbolism, so much meaning and so much love make up this mandala. Angels, tarot, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Lakshmi, Aphrodite and many more are here to bring love and peace to you :)

dART Defenders

Please click on picture to read the story of this painting!


Part of a future and past watercolor series of animals that will continue to grow throughout time... :)

Cat Mandala
Bastet, Sekmet, Ra, Mut, Ptaho, Maahes are looking on , protecting and admiring the many cats in my life and the lives of my friend’s cats as well. Maneki-neko, the Japanese good luck cat, is at the bottom center. The ancient power of cats and present power of the many special kitties will bring special luck and love to whomever will hang this art in their home. To find out more about the animals of the Cat Mandala.. 
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Magic owl looks at you and wants to come to your house. Sitting on a branch under the stars and moon this owl brings you up to the top of a tree where most humans don’t get to go. ../ART_pages/owl_card.html../ART_pages/owl_card.html../ART_pages/owl_card.html../ART_pages/owl_card.html../ART_pages/owl_card.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0shapeimage_26_link_1shapeimage_26_link_2shapeimage_26_link_3shapeimage_26_link_4
Forest Deer
This little painting is a glimpse into the world of a doe. Softly walking through a forest full of emerald green and lush plants and tree. Here she is safe as all the animals are in the worlds I paint.../ART_pages/deer_card.html../ART_pages/deer_card.html../ART_pages/deer_card.html../ART_pages/deer_card.html../ART_pages/deer_card.htmlshapeimage_27_link_0shapeimage_27_link_1shapeimage_27_link_2shapeimage_27_link_3shapeimage_27_link_4